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Our professional licensed Pest Control Technicians are fully equipped to inspect, identify, treat inspect, identify, treat and control all forms of structural pests.

Our PC Management program focuses on long term prevention from pests or their or their damage through a combination of techniques such as biological control, habitat manipulation, modification of cultural practices and uses of resistant varieties.

Prevention - Keeping a pest from becoming a problem.

Suppression - Reducing pest numbers or damage to an acceptable level

Eradication - Destroying an entire pest population

Pest Control Management

A list of the pests we battle to ensure your assets are safe.


Rodents are nocturnal pests, which carry diseases on their fur. Rodents cause large amounts of damage to stock and property of clients.

We strive to reduce these damages and eliminate the rodents from site.

Methods to combat rodents on site:

Exterior Buildings:

Perimeter bait stations or mechanical traps with glue boards.

Interior Buildings:

Correct proofing, sealing of entry holes and gaps underneath doors, mechanical traps with glue boards or structural issues that may lead to easy entry.


Cockroaches are amongst the most common insect pests found inside buildings. They are especially troublesome in food preparation areas and where sanitation is lacking.

Food accounts are hit hard by these pests. We strive to eliminate these cockroaches to ensure a pest free food account.

Each domestic cockroach species prefers a different area in a building, so identification is important for the best control.

Some methods to combat cockroaches:

  1. Making sure clients sanitation levels are up to standard. Bad sanitation levels increase cockroach activity
  2. No residual spray treatment is allowed inside a food account or food preparation area. Thus Hygiene Outright uses a gel treatment to combat these pests on these accounts.
  3. Cockroach hotels are used to determine the levels of infestation.
  4. Our gel treatment has no smell and is applied by small dots in all cracks, crevices and hard to reach areas for example:  Zinc's, canopies, tables, etc

Main methods of combat:

Exterior Buildings:

Residual spray all around building to create a protective barrier.

Interior Buildings:

Species & level of infestation identified - Gel treatment.


Cats can be a huge problem if an Alpha Litter is created.

Within the space of 2 months, 5 or more cats can occur (2 litters).

Cats cages are used to catch the cat and then remove them to the nearest animal care center (SPCA).


Flies belong to the order Diptera (meaning two-winged) and are one of the largest and most diverse in the class insecta.

Although there are several thousand species of flies, a rather small group, referred to as domestic flies, have evolved to live in close association with man.

Methods to combat flies on site:

External building perimeter spray treatments example crates and refuse areas.

Insect light traps Internal perimeter.

Red top fly bags – external perimeter.


Ants can be a nuisance as well as a health risk.

Worker ants foraging for food and water become a concern when they infest food or other items in the home.

Methods to combat ants:

Keep vegetation next to building at the minimum. Some succulents may attract ants.

Keep all areas clean and tidy as ants need protein and carbohydrates in summer to survive.

A residual spray is done on the external area of the building to create a barrier.

Exterior Building

Maxforce granules ensure that whole nest dies as they absorb the granules and take them into the nest.

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