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Hygiene Femme Bins Are mandatory

Sanitary Waste is a Controlled Waste and Must be Disposed of Under strict Legislation

There is a responsibility for all businesses, offices, shopping centers, schools,and

entertainment venues, even if there is only one female employee to provide a suitable

means for the disposal of sanitary dressings in ladies washrooms.

Sanitary Disposal is Governed by the Following Legislation

  1. The Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulation 1982, Regulation 21
  2. The Environmental Protection Act 1990, Section 34
  3. The Waste Industries Act 1991
  4. The Duty of Care Regulations 1991

Vaccinations for Waste Handling Workers

Workers responsible for cleaning bins may be at a higher risk than other workers as

these workers may be exposed to infectious agents that cause disease.

Hepatitis A & B and Tetanus are potentially hazardous for solid waste workers and

these diseases can occur at a number of different stages or processes in the

management of waste.


All our employees that work with waste understand the risks through proper instruction

training and supervision, they are aware of the procedures to follow to minimize the

risk of ill health and know what to do if unexpected hazardous waste is encountered

as well as to recognize different waste types.

Health & Safety

All our Chemicals, Brushware, Janitorial Equipment, PPE and Workwear conforms to stringent industry specifications as set out by the Legislation Governing these critical areas.

MEAT  -  Hygiene Outright Fully Compliant           

FOOD PACKAGING  -  Hygiene Outright Fully Compliant  

FOOD PREPARATION  -  Hygiene Outright Fully Compliant  

POULTRY  -  Hygiene Outright Fully Compliant  

PPE  -  Hygiene Outright Fully Compliant  

Industry Specific

Disinfectant  -  Household  -  Sanitising  -  Food Grade  -  Hospital Grade  -  Industrial  -  Descalers

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